Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a treatment method used to reduce pain, swelling, and recovery time. Soft tissue injuries, muscular spasms, and even athletes who wish to recuperate faster from exercises all benefit from this increasingly popular treatment. This therapy uses a small electric current to treat muscle issues and improve circulation.

How Does Electrical Muscle Stimulation Work?

This procedure is carried out at our office and takes only a few minutes. The machine is switched on after electrodes are placed on the skin over the afflicted area. An electrical current is sent through the soft tissue or muscle. The amount of current utilized is determined by the damage, its location, and the depth of the therapy. The muscles contract at a very modest yet rapid rate as a result of the electrical current. Patients may experience a prickly or tingling feeling during treatment; however, these symptoms will decrease once the machine is switched off, or shortly thereafter. Many patients enjoy the experience.

Electrical muscle stimulation causes small contractions in the muscles, which cause them to grow weary and relax, reducing pain and spasms. It also causes the production of endorphins, which are our bodies' natural painkillers. The procedure is also reported to remove metabolic waste, allowing nutrients to be supplied more effectively and soft tissue to repair faster.

EMS is commonly used in the back and neck muscles, but it may be used in other parts of the body.

Both acute and chronic pain benefit from electrical muscle activation. Ask your chiropractor if electrical muscle stimulation is right for you if you've been suffering from pain or have just sustained an injury.

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Interferential Current Therapy is an effective therapy method used to relieve pain and accelerate the self­-healing process. It is essentially a deeper form of electrical stimulation. To perform this method of treatment, electrodes are placed on the skin around the injured body part. An Interferential Current device is then used, which transmits electrical impulses in minute quantities throughout your skin. Underlying tissue and nerves become stimulated which begins the healing properties. These impulses are not painful, and can be described as a minor prickle on the skin.

Interferential Current Therapy is used to treat:

  • Circulatory and muscle disorders
  • Stiff joints
  • Joint injuries
  • Edema
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle spasms

Advantages of Interferential Current Therapy include:

  • Reducing or eliminating pain in a safe manner
  • Noticeable decrease in swelling and inflammation
  • Restoring lost movement and improving range­-of­-motion
  • Stimulating the natural hormones which can help the body heal faster

Additionally, Interferential Current Therapy also assists in blood circulation and rushes recovery by stimulating endorphins.

Microcurrent therapy is a form of treatment used for patients with soft tissue injuries and chronic pain. Similar to electrical stimulation therapy, electrodes are placed on the skin over the affected tissue. Unlike electrical muscle stimulation, the microcurrents are very small, so you do not feel anything while the treatment is in progress.

A natural electrical current runs through our bodies, allowing cells to interact. Electrical currents are disturbed when there is an accident or sickness. The cells cannot operate effectively without these currents. The healing process is slowed when cells are not working and communicating correctly.

Microcurrent treatment restores your body's electromagnetic field, allowing your cells to resume normal activity. This hastens the healing process. Pain, inflammation, and muscular spasms have all been demonstrated to be reduced by microcurrent treatment. It might also aid range of motion.

Microcurrent treatment is often used for back and neck discomfort, but it is also effective for a variety of chronic and acute physical disorders. Treatment normally consists of multiple sessions and is frequently combined with another type of chiropractic therapy. Contact us right now if you'd like to learn more about microcurrent therapy.